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Dr. Conrad Murray Ordered Hundreds of Bottles of Propofol

Dr. Conrad Murray ordered 300 plus bottles of propofol.
Dr. Conrad Murray’s involuntary manslaughter trial continues with more shocking evidence. This time, prosecutors turned to Dr. Murray’s phone records and medical supply demands to support their case.

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But perhaps most shocking was the drug order Dr. Murray placed with a Las Vegas pharmacy. According to CNN, from April to June he had medical packages sent to a Santa Monica address — which happened to be his girlfriend’s home.

What was in them, you’re wondering?

Bottles of propofol. A lot of them.

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Two-hundred-fifty-five in all over the course of nearly three months — equaling more than four gallons of the powerful drug. In addition, he ordered 80 bottles of other liquid sedatives.

But it doesn’t end there — on May 12th he ordered another 65 bottles of propofol. The defense claims that Murray was trying to slowly wean Jackson off the drug.

In essence, the math breaks down like this. A standard dose of propofol is 2.5 mg/kg for a 5-10 minute period to be unconscious according to one blog. Dr. Murray says he gave Jackson 50mg at a time — but that wouldn’t be enough to put him to sleep based on his tolerance level and weight. It appears the doctor used over four gallons between April and June.

Is this careless medical practices?