The past 24 hours have been heavy for Dr. Conrad Murray, but he’s not in danger of hurting himself, contrary to earlier reports by the L.A. Times and numerous other sources. Murray is NOT on suicide watch, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, as reported by

Murray has, however, been placed in a medical building where the number of guards to inmates ratio is higher than normal — for his safety, of course. It also just happens to be the place where suicidal inmates are kept, which may have led to the false reports.

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Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter charges yesterday at the conclusion of a six-week trial that heard 49 witnesses. It took a jury of five women and seven men just two days to convict Murray.

Upon the announcement of the verdict, the Jackson family reacted with joy. La Toya Jackson screamed “Yes!” while Katherine Jackson quietly wiped away her tears as Murray was handcuffed and taken into custody.

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Judge Michael Pastor deemed Murray a threat to the community and decided to remand him without bail.

Murray will remain in jail until his November 29th sentencing.


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