It was an emotional day for Dr. Conrad Murray as the defense team called five character witnesses to the stand.

Ruby Mosley’s testimony brought Murray to tears, according to FOX News. His eyes welled up with emotion as Mosley told the court that he established a clinic in an impoverished neighborhood in Houston, Texas in honor of his father.

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“When you went to the doctor, in his office, you did not see a sign when you walked in that (said), ‘Pay at the time that services rendered,'” she said.

Gerry Causey, a former heart patient of Murray’s also took the stand to share his gratitude and experiences with the doctor. He reportedly suffered a heart attack 11 years ago and thanked Murray for saving his life. “I know his love, his passion, his feelings for his patients. He’s the best doctor I’ve ever been to.”

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Tomorrow the defense team will call their final two witnesses. After that, the jury will begin deliberating.

The trial is coming down to the wire, but has the defense done enough to keep Murray from going to jail?


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