Dove Wants Girls to #LoveYourCurls

Did you know only four out of 10 girls think their curly hair is beautiful?

Well, Dove is about to change that. Starting today, January 20, the beauty brand is launching a new campaign and film called Perfect This Way, to encourage girls to celebrate, love and take pride in their curly hair. Dove hopes to inspire all curly women out there to #LoveYourCurls with this campaign. 

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Loving your hair and yourself starts at a young age. So, to help young girls gain more confidence in their unique hair textures, Dove created a short video to encourage young girls to love their hair and finally feel beautiful. 

And, if you’re a member of #TeamNatural, Dove wants to remind you that “the best way to inspire others to love their curls is to celebrate and show them how much you love yours.” 

Take a look at the video and get inspired!