Dorinda Clark-Cole, one of gospel’s most prominent singers, says she’s weathered a really tough year, but is finally regaining her spirits.

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, the singer dished on her latest album and a possible reunion with gospel greats, The Clark Sisters. The Grammy-Award winning artist said she struggled with severe depression last year, but this album marks a change for the better.  Hence, its tell-all title, “Survivor.”

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“I came up with that title because of the things that have happened to me within the last three to four years. Last year, I had a fire in my house and I was out of my house for a year,” Clark-Cole says. “The songs that we came up with are sort of geared towards that title. And everybody knows about my testimony about the suicide attempt. So it really accumulates my whole life.”

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Now, with her fourth album underway, the singer says fans should expect big things – particularly a special reunion with The Clark Sisters. “Of course, all of us are really trying to work on our solo projects right now,” Clark-Cole says. “But eventually we will have something for you all.”

We certainly hope so, Dorinda! To find out what else the soulful singer’s been up to, click here.


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