Donald Trump ‘Officially’ Named GOP Nominee, His Staff Responds to Plagiarism Accusations
Tasos Katopodis/WireImage

Last night marked day two of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH, and millions watched as Donald Trump officially accepted the GOP’s nomination for president.

While the Republicans made a last ditch effort to overturn any possibility of the billion-dollar businessman’s chances at representing them Monday, it seems their efforts ended in vain. According to TheWrap, Trump’s nomination was announced by his children with Donald Trump Jr. leading the pack. “It’s my honor to be able to throw Donald Trump over the top in the delegate count tonight, with 89 delegates… Congratulations dad, we love you.” The Republican party’s presidential pick was solidified with the 1,237 necessary votes needed to lock in the nomination. 

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But as Donald Trump’s campaign staff celebrates his unbelievable appointment in the Tea Party, they’re also still very busy responding to Melania Trump’s plagarism accusations. In case you missed it, the GOP finally introduced Melania to the public (from a political point of view) to kick off day one of the RNC. Unfortuantely, an independent journalist discovered the former Sports Illustrated model stole a portion of her speech from Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech. As the pandemonium took over all media platforms, Trump’s campaign initially opted to ignore the alleged scandal and just move on, but America just hasn’t let that happen. 

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In response to the front-page scandal, GOP members like New Jersey governor Chris Christie and Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer have written the “incident” off as “common words used.” A spokesman for Trump’s campaign told NBC News, “It’s piss-poor staff work. Melania has been humiliated. No doubt heads are going to roll.” 

However, when your name is Donald Trump and you’re trying to “Make America Great Again,” there are no repercussions when you commit a crime that infringes on copyright law, gets students kicked out of universities and lands writers of all backgrounds in jail. 

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