6 Times Donald Trump Used His Presidential Campaign To Insult Black Voters
Angelo Merendino/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s history of insensitivity towards issues affecting the African-American community have been well-documented throughout the course of his 2016 presidential campaign, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to alienate himself from Black voters one ridiculous statement at a time.

Among the many blaring contradictions found in Trump’s most recent African-American outreach “efforts” is the fact that he continues to frequent cities and areas populated with predominantly white residents to address concerns within Black communities.  Another Trump campaign tactic being used to gain Black votes seems to be the practice of insulting people of color using misleading statistics about the African-American community.  

In an effort to keep you as woke as possible, here are five examples illustrating just how out of touch Donald Trump is with Black voters.


Donald Trump Refers To Black Person In The Crowd As ” My African-American”

While attempting to vilify a group of Black protesters who interrupted one of his previous rallies, Trump points to a Black person in the crowd during his speech and says, “look at my African-American over there.”


Donald Trump Says African-American Voters Will Like Him More Than They Like President Obama

Trump claims President Obama has done nothing for Black people and says he will drastically improve the unemployment rate for African-Americans in the 30-50 age range. Suggesting that Black people will favor a classist Republican candidate who aims to shut down organizations like Black Lives Matter (and others fighting for socioeconomic equality for African-Americans) over the nation’s first Black president who put several policies in place that greatly benefitted Black communities is grossly presumptuous and offensive.


Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton And The Democratic Party Are To Blame For Social Unrest In Black Communities

Donald Trump attempts to convince Black voters that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party are to blame for African-American citizens being in harms’ way because they support the concept of holding law enforcement accountable for police brutality against Black people. Meanwhile, a focal point of Trump’s campaign for much of the summer has been advocating for ways to increase funding, protection and more lenient laws for police forces without ever addressing what he plans to do to alleviate the unjustified killings of Black people at the hands of cops.



Donald Trump Champions Racist Policing Practices

Trump championed the arguably unethical NYPD policing policies put in place by former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who was in favor of the racial profiling practices that resulted in the deaths of innocent black men like Sean Bell.



Donald Trump Says The Democrats Have Failed Inner-City Black Communities

Trump spews empty promises about improving things like the unemployment rate, the crime rate and the lack of ownership in Black communities while running a campaign built on making America what it once was when African-Americans were treated with even less regard in the workforce, in their communities and on the economic front than we are today. 


Donald Trump Insults The State Of Black Communities

In attempt to paint the Black community as jobless, uneducated and poor to help illustrate why Black people should vote for him, Trump insults African-American voters using misleading unemployment statistics and poorly-worded descriptions of the economic hardships facing Black communities.