Donald Trump Tries to Criticize Michelle Obama, But He Has Zero Receipts
Win McNamee

We are entering turning into the final stretch of the exhausting campaign season and it looks like Donald Trump is trying to lash out at the one person he has said little about so far: Michelle Obama.

During a North Carolina campaign stop Friday Trump criticized the President and his wife for stepping into the campaign. Both have been effective surrogates for Hillary Clinton, crisscrossing the country to campaign on her behalf.

“We have a president. All he wants to do is campaign. His wife—all she wants to do is campaign,” he said.  “And I see how much his wife likes Hillary. But wasn’t she the one that originally started the statement, If you can’t take care of your home, right? You can’t take care of the White House and the country? Where is that? I don’t hear that.”

But where are the receipts?

During the tough 2008 fight for the democratic presidential nomination between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama did speak about the importance of modeling strong family values.

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“One of the things, the important aspects of this race, is role modeling what good families should look like,” Obama said at the time. “And my view is that if you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House. Can’t do it.”

But she never actually named Clinton. And the campaign denied that it was a subtle attack at Clinton.

FLOTUS has increasingly stumped for Clinton in the leadup to Nov. 8. She has given stinging speeches about Trump’s comments crude about women and his refusal to promise to accept the results of the election.

“When a presidential candidate threatens to ignore our voices and reject the outcome of this election, he is threatening the very idea of America itself,” Obama said during a campaign rally in Phoenix. “We cannot stand for that. You do not keep American democracy in suspense.”

The FLOTUS’ national approval rating is at 64 percent.


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