Community actor, Donald Glover has received the green light from FX Networks for his comedy pilot, Atlanta

According to Deadline, the show is centered around the Atlanta rap scene and follows two cousins as they rise in the ranks of the music business. Their opposing views on art versus money, success and race makes their journey complex. 

Glover, who is the executive producer of the project, is set to play “Earnest ‘Earn’ Marks,” a college drop-out who reconnects with his buried ambition and sets out to follow his dreams when his estranged cousin suddenly becomes a star. 

“Donald Glover is a uniquely talented actor and performer who brings real-life experience to this subject matter,” said FX’s Nick Grad. 

Art seems to be imitating life as Glover, who raps (in real life) under the moniker Childish Gambino, has received his first Grammy nominations for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Performance.