CNN host Don Lemon fell into a laughing fit while on air Thursday night, after a panelist showed disinterest in talking about former White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman.

Lemon was going over key stories of the day with panelists, including Symone Sanders, when the topic of Manigault-Newman’s recent debut on “Celebrity Big Brother” came up. The former aide was cast on the reality show and she spent much of the first episode discussing her time at the White House.

She revealed that she would never again vote for Donald Trump. She also confessed that she was “haunted” by Trump’s tweets, and added that the country would not be okay under Trump’s leadership. 

When Lemon brought the episode up as a topic of discussion, Sanders immediately rolled her eyes in frustration.

“Don…It’s Black History Month. We have to talk about Omarosa? Alright!”

Lemon immediately loses it laughing.

“I’m just saying,” Sanders continues. “It is Black History Month, ok? Carter G. Woodson did not go to the mat to get Negro History Week that eventually turned into Black History Month for us to talk about Omarosa and her apology tour and her attempt to salvage her reputation on a reality television show. Not during Black History Month, Don.”

Lemon was crying by the time Sanders was done, wiping away his tears with a tissue. He also appeared to be forced into further laughter from his producers behind-the-scenes.

His laughing fit comes a few days after he returned to the anchor chair following the death of his sister.