Disappearing Acts: Cinderella Breast Augmentation
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Women in Japan and across the U.S. are a bit bustier these days as a new non-invasive procedure sweeps through the nation that allows women to go up a cup size and a half in just 30 minutes. But there’s a catch: the procedure is being called “Cinderella Breast Augmentation” because the pseudo implants disappear after 24 hours. 

This breast augmentation procedure is not new. Stateside, doctors refer to it as “Cinderella sizing”, and plastic surgeons have been using it for some time now to allow women who are considering breast implants to “try out” various sizes until they find their fit. However, celebrities and other women have begun using it to enhance their look for red carpets and special events. 

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Fast enough to do over your lunch break, the procedure involves a small incision and a few cc’s of saline solution—the same solution used in hospital IVs to replenish body fluids. “It absorbs into the body just like it would be if you had IV fluids,” states Dr. Gregory Laurence, of Germantown Aesthetics. The solution can be expelled from the body naturally without damaging breast tissue.

The cost of the Cinderella Breast Augmentation varies by doctor, but in Japan, celebs and non-celebs alike can afford the procedure, which ranges from $58 to $348.  

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