Dionne Warwick: ‘Whitney Houston Was the Little Girl I Never Had’
Getty Images
Dionne Warwick says she still hasn’t had the opportunity to mourn the death of Whitney Houston.

“I’m heading toward being OK,” said the five-time Grammy winner to Good Morning America. “I think the comfort comes from knowing she’s in good hands now. She’s in the best hands now.” It’s a sentiment she echoed in an exclusive interview with ESSENCE.

Warwick recalled their last conversation on the day of Houston’s death: “She was so up and ready and happy. She had everything in the world to live for.” Among which was the completion of new movie Sparkle.

Houston had begun to plot her return to music as well. “She was getting ready to go back into the studio to record, she was getting her vocals together,” said Warwick.

Warwick was very close to her cousin. “She basically was the little girl I never had,” said Warwick. As for her aunt Cissy, Warwick says she’s holding on strong. “She has her moments, of course, and she’ll continue to have her moments. But I think she’s come to terms with it just about now, the realization that it happened. It’s not an easy thing for a parent to lose a baby.”

The contents of Houston’s will were announced on Wednesday. The 19-page document revealed that all money, furniture, jewelry and more, will go exclusively to her daughter, Bobbi Kristina.