Last month, Barbara Walters popped the “Why do you have six kids and no wedding ring to show for it” question to Diddy on “The View,” pushing him to explain his bachelor status. But despite never making it down the aisle, the Bad Boy mogul is apparently still singing, “I Need a Girl.”

“I’d love to have what Jay and Beyonce have,” Diddy told Sarah Tetteh of the UK’s “The Mirror.” “My ideal woman has to have intellect and soul. I don’t woo them with flowers, I need to know they like me for real.”

Diddy also chatted up his relationship with David Beckham, and revealed that he wants to hear the pitter-patter of little feet again.

“We are both proud fathers. That’s what our friendship is about, not being stars or artists,” Diddy said. “We ask how our kids are doing. I’m so happy he’s got another one on the way. I hope he has as many as me. I want more.”

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