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Diddy Has Big Plans for 2012

Diddy says he's got some big plans for 2012. Click to see what they are.
Forget New Year’s resolutions, Diddy has a New Year’s dream in mind. Everyone knows Diddy’s Sean John brand is mega-successful, but he’s looking to take that to greater heights in the new year — which is difficult to imagine.

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In an interview with Ad Week, Diddy says he wants to build a lifestyle around Sean John in 2012. “My dream was that you would wake up in the morning, your alarm would go off, one of my records would be playing. You’d get in the shower and use my shampoo. Then you would get out and use the beauty products,” he says. “You’d get dressed and put on Sean John [clothing], and then would go to work. And after work, you would go and change into your evening wear to go out to a club on a date and you’d put on Sean John again, spray on another of my fragrances, stop by and have a drink of Ciroc. And then maybe take your young lady out to a movie that I was starring in.”

Diddy certainly has his eyes on the prize. He recently relocated to L.A. to focus on his developing acting career and says he’s going to be starring in some films.

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On the business front, he’s expected to reveal big plans. “I have some major announcements at the top of the year on things I’m producing — an announcement that’s bigger than anyone can realize on something I’m acquiring.”

Will 2012 be Diddy’s biggest year yet? After all, he is one of the hardest-working men in show business — who else has a giant billboard of himself in Times Square?