Did Tiny Accidentally Reveal the Sex of Tamar Braxton’s Baby?


Tameka “Tiny” Harris may have just slipped and revealed the sex of her bestie Tamar Braxton’s baby.  

” I know everything about this baby. And I know…I was gonna say what it was,” Tiny told HipHollywood, only to let the secret out of the bag seconds later. Watch as Tiny makes the revelation and then makes a hilarious “oops, I’m busted” face.


Braxton tells PEOPLE that she kept her pregnancy under wraps because it came as a surprise to her and hubby Vince Herbert and they needed time to get comfortable with the idea of having a child.

“We decided [not to announce the pregnancy] until we were both really okay with it- that’s why we waited,” she said.

The Tamar and Vince stars also hoped to keep mum about the baby’s sex but that’s now been let loose too.