Today’s Michael Jackson Doctor trial focused on whether Jackson swallowed lorazepam — a sedative found in the singer’s stomach.

Prosecutors are trying to argue that the presence of lorazepam doesn’t prove Jackson manually took the drug. Murray’s lawyers maintain that Jackson swallowed eight pills of lorazepam and gave himself a dose of propofol behind Murray’s back. The defense strongly believes that lorazepam is the source of Jackson’s death.

But the L.A. county coroner clearly stated Jackson died of an “acute propofol intoxication” that was in combination with other drugs including lorazepam, according to CNN.

A toxicologist named Dan Anderson took the stand to say that “drug levels can be detected in the stomach… that were not given orally,” according to the L.A. Times. But Anderson didn’t feel comfortable giving much information regarding the effects of the drug, stating, “I personally would rather leave this to a pharmacologist.”

Stay tuned for more information on Monday.