Diamonds (and Candles) are a Girl’s Best Friend!
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Point me in the direction of a girl who doesn’t love scented candles and I may just call you a liar. Here in the ESSENCE beauty department, we believe in the power of a good candle to melt away stress at the end of a hard day and make your house— or dorm— smell like the sweet blooms in a Mediterranean garden. A new candle company is upping the ante in the candle game and offfering their consumers a little something extra.


2016 is the year of Rose Gold! Check out this gorgeous ring uncovered by @sarcanana.  #RoseGold

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Not only does Charmed Aroma offer a delicious selection of scented candles (seriously, who can resist a candle called “Velvet Peach”?), but each candle has a gorgeous ring hidden inside the wax. If you’re envisioning a wax-covered rock, put those worries to rest; the sparkly stones are wrapped and tucked in a plastic bag for protection. While you won’t find a diamond hidden in your candle, what you do you find may be valued at up to $5000! Not bad for a candle that only costs $26!

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So get your Olivia Pope on—pour a glass of wine, light a candle and bask in your new bling.

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