Michigan Residents Demand Dismissal Of School Board VP Over Racist Posts About Muslims And Black People
Getty Images

Roseville, Michigan residents were rightfully upset this week upon learning about the racially charged insults found on the personal Facebook page of their school board president.

While the posts in question didn’t originate from Roseville School Board President Alfredo Francesconi himself, he admitted to sharing them because he agreed with their messages, according to RawStory. The posts reportedly referred to all Muslims as “terrorists” and included language chastising African-Americans who didn’t vote in the 2016 election.

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To make matters worse, Francesconi is maintaining that he didn’t think the posts were racist or offensive and would have no problem posting them again, he told a reporter for ABC News affiliate WXYZ during a brief phone conversation following the incident. Residents called for Francesconi’s resignation or termination during a protest outside Monday night’s school board meeting.

The school board has yet to comment on what actions, if any, will be taken to reprimand their VP for his shameful behavior on social media.


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