‘Good Morning DC’ Hosts Serve Serious Side-Eye During ‘Most Desirable Face’ Segment
Good Day DC/FOX 5

Good Day DC hosts Wisdom Martin and Maureen Umeh were not having it during a recent beauty segment that discussed the most desirable faces and features, according to studies done by plastic surgeons.

In a clip that’s gone viral, the hosts are seen discussing Kate Middleton’s nose, specifically her nasal tip rotation, which is when the two anchors exchange looks that scream, as Twitter user @twelveDOTsol described it, “f*ck you talkm bout.”

According to BuzzFeed, the studies come from a 2014 article in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, which found that a nasal tip of 106 degrees was ideal. However, the study only showed participants’ noses from white women aged 18-25, so you can see why the hosts may have been unimpressed. 

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Umeh and Martin continued to be over it when all the most desirable features were put together in one terrifying composite and one of the hosts exclaimed, “Why does she look like she has a condition or something?”

Wisdom Martin and Maureen Umeh, like many Black people across the country, have had it with society’s obsession with European beauty standards. And if the side-eye is any indication, they’ll be skipping the next beauty segment that relies on such studies.

Watch Wisdom Martin and Maureen Umeh discuss “the most desirable face” below.