We’ve been enjoying Season One of “Mad Fashion” on BRAVO. The show follows the exploits of “Project Runway” alum Chris March and his crew as they create eccentric pieces for his star clients.

Tonight’s episode features celebs Angela and Vanessa Simmons, both being fitted by March for an upcoming event. Before the episode, which airs at 8 PM on Bravo, we caught up with the designer to see what dressing the Simmons sisters was like.

Check out our exclusive Q&A with March about the sisters below!

ESSENCE.com: Tell us a little bit about the show?
CHRIS MARCH: ‘Mad Fashion’ follows the everyday workings of me and my workshop where we make fashion, costumes, props and couture!

ESSENCE.com: What was it like having the Simmons sisters on?
CHRIS MARCH: They were like two tornadoes, talking non-stop — typical sisters!

ESSENCE.com: How did they respond to the clothes?
CHRIS MARCH: They ended up loving them — Vanessa was afraid she was going to be upstaged by Angela, but with her jewelry on she even made Angela a little jealous.

ESSENCE.com: As the self-proclaimed ‘Mad Hatter of Fashion,’ do you think there’s a place for over-the-top-fashion in day-to-day life?
CHRIS MARCH: A lot of celebrities have a sense of humor, and combined with an outrageous event, sometimes the sky’s the limit!

ESSENCE.com: Any tips for how our readers can incorporate your brand of fabulosity?
CHRIS MARCH: Not to be afraid to come up with your own style by combining trends, vintage and your favorite pieces.


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