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Deshaun Watson Says 'Code Words' for Black Athletes are Alive and Well

Deshaun opens up about the Black athlete stereotype that has followed him most of his career.
Deshaun Watson Says ‘Code Words’ for Black Athletes are Alive and Well
Streeter Lecka

NFL hopeful Deshaun Watson is calling out stereotypes in football.

The top-ranked player in college football has recently taken issue with being dubbed a “dual-threat.”

Watson suggests that the term “dual-threat” is code language in the world of football used to describe a Black quarterback who can run and pass the ball. The stereotype of Black QB’s: they are much more agile runners than they are thoughtful, calculated passers.

“People have assumed that I have to run the ball before I can throw it most all of my career, all the way back before high school,” Watson told the Bleacher Report.

“It’s a stereotype put on me for a long time because I’m African-American. I don’t know why that stereotype is still around. It’s about talent and the ability to throw the ball, not the color of your skin or your ability to also be a dangerous runner.”

Despite his recent comments, Watson says NFL MVP Cam Newton has also been hit with the same stereotypes.

“Cam, as a dual-threat guy, got the same criticism I get: He can’t throw it; he’s only a runner. He heard the same things.”

When it comes to the sheer numbers, Watson has already shattered the stereotypes. Last year he lead a historic performance setting the record for most total yards in the national championship game against Alabama.

For Watson, he is much more than a dual-threat player. He is an all-around strong athlete whose proven ability on the field has pegged him as an early favorite to take home the 2017 Heisman trophy.

He goes on, “It bothered me when I was young until I finally realized the only way to change it is to make your mark on the field and force them to see. So that’s what I’ve been doing.”