Derrick Rose’s Attorney Calls Rape Allegations A “Lottery Hit” In Opening Statement
Nathaniel S. Butler

On Wednesday, following Tuesday’s jury selection, things got incredibly intense in the Derrick Rose trial as both sides launched into their opening statements. 

Rose has denied the allegation that he and two friends raped a woman back in 2013 with Rose’s attorney Mark Baute calling the plaintiffs lawsuit “fake” and “a sad effort to get a lottery hit.”

The victim, who has remained anonymous, went into graphic detail about the incident, crying as she recounted details of the alleged rape. 

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The victim’s lawyer, Waukeen McCoy, told jurors that “while [she] was going in and out of consciousness in her house, each one of the defendants took turns raping her.”

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According to the New York Post‘s Julia Marsh, McCoy also accused Rose of lying during a pretrial deposition when he testified that he tried to open the blinds to let light in.

“There is no light outside at 3 a.m. in the morning. He made up the story. He wants to tell you that she was lucid, when she was not.”

Rose’s attorney continued to accuse the victim of being a gold-digger, claiming that the $21.5 million lawsuit was “a case about money and manipulation.” Baute was also scolded by the judge when he asked the jury, “If your daughter came home with a black man, would that be OK? Does a fact pattern involving three men having sex with a a woman offend you?”

It’s been reported that Rose’s attorney plans to focus on his relationship with the victim, who he dated prior to the alleged rape, and the text messages between the two.

The accuser’s team plans to focus on Rose’s confusion about the definition of consent.