Deborah Cox to Star as Josephine Baker and Whitney’s ‘Bodyguard’ role in 2016
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Best known for her chart-topping hit, “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here,” and most recently for her beautiful rendition of Whitney Houston songs in the biopic, Whitney, Deborah Cox is back with two major stage performances. In 2016, Cox will star in two musical stage plays as Josephine Baker and Whitney Houston’s Bodyguard character in on-stage musicals. 

Cox, who is a veteran to the Broadway stage, (formerly performing in the plays Aida and Jekyll & Hyde), will take center stage in the Broadway-bound play, Josephine, at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Florida, on April 27th, prior to an official opening on May 6th.

Cox is honored to take on such a role.

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“Child, it’s a whole lot in the story, but really, really compelling theater,” she said, speaking of the  complex layers of Baker’s life that will be portrayed on stage. “It’s very, very complex and deep and I have to really conjure up a lot of personal stuff in order to get to the ugly stuff that we don’t necessarily want to face, a lot of the fears, a lot of the stuff from the past that we don’t necessarily want to get into but as an actor you have to visit those dark places in order to get the story told.”

Similarly, the Toronto native is just as elated to recreate a role made famous by the legendary Ms. Houston. She will be starring in The Bodyguard, originally a 1992 blockbuster hit that starred Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner.

“I think the thing with The Bodyguard is it’s an iconic movie, everyone knows the music and it represents a moment in all of our lives and it’s really going to be about making sure that I tell that story,” she said. I can’t wait to do it.”

The showing dates and theater will be announced at a later date.