DC Cop Manhandles Black Female School Teacher After Allegedly Assuming She Was A Prostitute
@MacandCheeks via Twitter

Video footage of a Washington, D.C. police officer manhandling a Black woman during a confrontation earlier this week is making its way around the Internet and appears to provide yet another painful visual illustrating the lack of regard for Black lives on the part of many police forces around the country.

In the 45-second clip, the woman, now identified as 32-year-old Shadon, is seen being pinned against a patrol SUV by a white DC cop who also has her lifted up in the air with her feet off of the ground and her hands behind her back. As he forcefully restrains her, the officer is heard asking the woman her age before later asking her if she “wants to go.”

As the video continues, the woman is later seen speaking to a female police officer after the original officer lets her out of his grasp.

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The woman can be heard telling the officers that she works in the area as a mentor for young girls. “I take care of these little girls,” she says while talking with the officers following the incident. “I work right there.” In a second video from same Twitter user who shared the original footage, the woman in the video gives her account of what happened prior to the confrontation.

She says her name is Shadon and reveals that she is a school teacher in D.C. “It’s harassment. Either way you look at it, it’s harassment,” she said. “I’m a school teacher and I work out here and I help these little girls all day, every day. So there’s no reason to assume that somebody out here doing the wrong thing and most definitely when I’m here in uniform. Are you serious?”

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The Washington Metropolitan Police Department says they are currently investigating the incident.