Dave Chappelle Admits He Was Totally Wrong About Trump

George Pimentel

The comedian regrets telling Americans to give the 45th president a chance. 

While some of us have been leery since he announced his run for presidency, others wanted to give Donald Trump’s afterthought of a political career a chance.

Dave Chappelle was one of those people, who just days after Trump won the presidency, suggested America give him a chance at running the country.

“I’m wishing Donald Trump luck,” Chappelle closed his Saturday Night Live monologue with. “And I’m going to give him a chance, and we, the historically disenfranchised, demand that he give us one too.”

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Well, a little over a hundred days and countless unconstitutional acts later, the comedian has changed his tune.

“I was the first guy on TV to say ‘Give Trump a chance’,” he admitted on Monday at a Robin Hood Foundation event, as reported by HuffPo. “I f―ked up. Sorry.”

In his defense, Chappelle wasn’t the only Black celebrity to give the Commander-in-Chief the benefit of the doubt, as Oprah Winfrey gave him a pass too— before the mess.

If you’re in need of a cumulative account of Trump’s fails, no worries. We got you.