Picking up on the trend of dating out of your age range, Yahoo Shine! offers a few guidelines for those of us looking to step it up or down when looking for a new mate. Here are a few of the site’s guidelines from “Cougars and Silver Foxes: A Field Guide to Dating Outside Your Age Range.” Got Meat? If you’re looking to pick up an older man, you’ve got to go where he goes. Yahoo Shine! recommends checking out your city’s best steakhouses or hitting up an upscale pub. Younger guys — you’ll find older woman at your neighborhoods hottest brunch spots or wine bars. How old are you? Part of the appeal of dating someone younger or older is his youthful personality or seasoned outlook. “Act your age.” Yahoo Shine! recommends. If you try to act more mature or less experienced than you really are, you’ll only ruin the allure. Sex changes Women’s libidos tend to increase with age and men’s tend to slow down. Know that sex with your older or younger partner will probably be different that what you’ve been getting from the guys your age. “Be patient and enjoy the ride,” the article advises. Makes no difference Like Aaliyah said, “Age ain’t nothin’ but a number.” If the age difference is a big deal to you then it will be a big deal in your relationship. Love is challenging, no matter how old or young you are. Don’t let numbers get in the way. See all the guidelines for dating out of your age range on Yahoo Shine!.