When was the last time you were actually alone with your husband actually doing something fun? If you don’t remember, then you’re slacking on the date nights and according to a new study, your marriage could be suffering.

That’s right. A monthly date night will do your marriage some good. In a new study conducted by Harry Benson, research director at the Marriage Foundation, and Stephen McKay, professor in social research at Lincoln University the research shows that “splitting up is reduced by 14% in couples who find time to go on a ‘date’ when they focus on each other once a month.”

It doesn’t matter what you do, just do something together that you’ll enjoy and leave the kids behind. Make time for dinner and a movie, a Broadway show or even a fun game of laser tag, all of which can help keep the spark alive in your marriage if you dedicate some time each month for one another.

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The researchers surveyed 9,969 couples about their dating habits.

Eleven percent managed a weekly date night, 30% dated once a month, 23% went out as a couple less than once a month and 36 % never have a date night.

“For married couples, date night has a meaning,” the Marriage Foundation revealed. “For the typical cohabiting couple, with a little less clarity and more ambiguity about the prospect of their whole lives together, the occasional night out has less meaning. It’s less intentional, simply a night out.”

For one night-a-month, get rid of your modern-day distractions and spend some time with your partner to help keep your marriage in tact.