It’s no surprise that President Donald Trump has been able to garner a slew of “Yes” men and women from the Black community. This contingent of Black folks has always existed, aligning with White oppressors for their own personal gain. 

So when Trump met with Pastor Darrell C. Scott of the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, to talk about Chicago’s gang community on Wednesday, it didn’t seem odd. 

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Everyone has to get in where they fit in. Right?

In a room filled with cameras, Scott told Trump and his aide Omarosa Manigault that he spoke to Chicago’s “top gang thugs” and they “wanted to work with this administration.”

“They’re going to commit that if they lower the body count, we come and do some social programs,” Scott said.

“If they’re not going to solve the problems, what you’re doing is the right thing, then we’re going to solve the problem for them. Because we’re going to have to do something about Chicago. ‘Cause what’s happening in Chicago should not be happening in this country,” Trump responded.

Chance the Rapper, who hails from Chi-Town, even voiced his confusion with Scott’s use of the term “gang thug.”

But when FOX 32 asked him about “lowering the body count” for new federal programs, Scott—who doesn’t reside or work in Chicago—said he misspoke. He said a lack of sleep caused him to tell President Trump that Chicago gangs had offered to “lower the body count.” 

Scott said he actually spoke to one former gang member, and not to any gang leaders.

Le sigh.