Swooning over D’Angelo’s Saturday Night Live performance was expected. What was unexpected, though, was his silent, touching tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Black Messiah crooned two hits from his surprise album, The Black Messiah, during his SNL sets. He opened up the show by singing “Really Love,” but the performance that really got us talking was his second single, “The Charade.”

D’Angelo was clad in a leather jacket, hoodie and his signature bandana, while his back-up singers and band wore shirts and hoodies that read “Black Lives Matter” and “I Can’t Breathe,” referring to the last words Eric Garner said last summer when he was put in a fatal chokehold by NYPD officers. 

Kudos to D’Angelo for reminding viewers of our ongoing conversation! Watch his powerful performance above, and tell us what you think.