Danai Gurira Shares Her Favorite ‘Walking Dead’ Zombie Kill
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When Danai Gurira is not flawlessly glammed on red carpets or at Broadway debuts, she is on set of The Walking Dead, fighting for survival, slaying the living dead– which often requires being drenched in zombie guts. Yummy.

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Over the past few weeks EW has been asking cast members of the show to name their favorite zombie kills ever. Gurira was of course diplomatic and stated “I always answer the favorite walker kill question as, ‘I love all my kills equally. They’re all my special experiences.”

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But then revealed, “I did love something that happened in episode 12 of season 3 where there was a walker right behind me and I had to just stab him without looking and pull his brains out through the top of his head. That was fun.”

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