Cynthia Bailey Reveals Her Alter Ego’s Go-to Lippie
Amy Graves/BET/Getty Images for BET

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Cynthia Bailey, loves to rock a nude lip. So, when we asked about what color lipstick her alter ego wears, we were shocked to discover that her lipstick of choice is black. The reality star who prides herself on spreading light believes that her alter ego would rock a completely black matte lip. The supermodel turned reality star who typically does not shy away from a bold lip and has been photographed wearing everything from violet lip to a deep red wine believes her alter ego would channel her darker side. We recently had a chat with the star who had this to say about beauty habits of her dark side:

“[Lipstick] probably something completely opposite. Black. Just Black. I try to project light all of the time, and if I went to the other side there would be complete darkness [So, my alter ego would counter my shine and tap into my darkness.]”