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CurlyNikki Visits Girls Inc. of St. Louis

The natural hair guru visits her hometown to inspire the youth at Girls Inc. of St. Louis.

While home in St. Louis, Missouri for a stop on the international Better Than Good Hair book tour, I dropped in for a much anticipated visit to a place very near and dear to me: Girls Inc. of St. Louis, a non-profit organization.

Girls, Inc. is a place that is close to my heart for three reasons. First, I was employed there during my college years. Secondly, my mom is the program director (who said nepotism had to be a bad thing?), and most importantly, they’re teaching young ladies to be strong, smart and bold—enough said, right?! Being that CurlyNikki.com is all about creating a community where women and young ladies feel empowered, I was honored to speak to the girls that day about staying focused, achieving a positive body image, being passionate in all they do and following their dreams. You know, nothing too heavy. I also signed books for the girls, answered their burning questions and discussed what they want to be when they grow up!

It’s events like these that really matter to me. Even with the fame I’ve gathered from the book release and the continuing success of the blog, I never forget where this all started and what really matters. Women of all ages, especially younger women, need a resource or a place to go to where they can grow, learn and be accepted, no matter what their background is. That’s the work my mother has been doing at Girls, Inc., that’s the work I look to do at CurlyNikki, and thats the work that we, as women, should all be doing, in whatever way we can. So when the cameras stop flashing and the bright lights aren’t shining, places like Girls, Inc. still exist and are really what matter, and that’s why I couldn’t wait to stop in and say, ‘hey!’

About Girls Inc: Girls Inc. provides educational and cultural programs in safe environments for girls that enable them to raise their aspirations and realize their potential. Girls Inc. inspires all girls to be strong, smart and bold! Each child has a unique intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical potential. The cultivation of this potential is the top priority. Programs give girls the information, skills, strategies and resources they need to make good decisions, solve problems, meet their own needs and lead others. These activities provide the opportunity to experience success as they grow to understand their options, accept new responsibilities and face new challenges.