We’re totally loving how natural women are bonding and sharing styling tips through YouTube and hair blogs, but what if you could take all of that to the next level?

Enter Curly Girl Collective (CGC) a premier event planning organization that launches Curl Crush, a networking mixer where over two hundred and fifty naturalistas interact and share hair tips in a speed-dating type format. There’s even a matchmaker who sets up curlies on forty-five minute “dates” where you can get endless face-to-face inspiration and tips. As if Curl Crush couldn’t get any better, in addition to natural hair attendees, celebrity hairstylists as well as popular hair vloggers and bloggers will be on the scene.

But don’t just take our word for it. A ten second eyeballing of the Curly Collective site (curlygirlcollective.com) will have you immediately marking your calendar for the next event.

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