Curly Commentary: My Protective Style Diary

One ESSENCE reader shares her daily diary of wearing extensions as a protective style to give her hair a much-needed styling break.

Sara Bereket Sep, 19, 2013

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My natural hair is pretty thick and curly, but I was tired of maintaining it on a day-to-day basis. I also wanted a break so that my hair can grow a little longer.  I decided to try a protective style. Here's a glimpse through my journey!

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I ordered my hair through Princess Hair Shop and received it a few days later in the mail.  Customer service was superb and the shipment arrived pretty quickly.  I installed two bundles of Malaysian Curly hair.

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I enlisted the help of my longtime hairstylist, Karen Bishop, to install the extensions. She braided all of my hair, only leaving out a small amount around my hairline for updos and buns. This would give my hair the protection I was looking for and keep it healthy under the weave.

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Here I am on the first day of my weave install. The hair was so soft and I loved the longer length. I was so excited to have a new look!

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Before bed, I would detangle and brush the hair before plaiting it into large braids and tying with a silk scarf. In the mornings, I used a mixture of conditioner and water to "wake up" the curls.

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After wearing the sleek curls for a while, I brushed out the hair for a fuller look. The extensions blended very well with my own hair.  Some of my friends and co-workers didn't even know I was wearing a weave! I was so appreciative for the much-needed break from styling my own hair every day.


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