This week is surreal. I hit the road traveling, the life of a “me-preneur” never stops. First to the Big Apple and then on to the Chocolate City of DC. My trainer asked me at 6am, before heading to the airport, “What is the most rewarding part of your job?” She shook off the slumber from only four hours of sleep. She tapped into my authentic passion and I responded, “Every day I help my clients design their dream life. I show them how to live it.” have to admit, I’m a pro at it… While pushing to pursue my potential past obstacles, haters and my own insecurity, somewhere, I slipped out of a dream and into reality. I was my first client. I had a genuine desire to serve.You too are making the brand and building the brandtastic life. Now, I’m sitting in the lobby of one of my clients’ offices. They flew me in to conduct a brand leadership workshop and paid me for my value. Believe it or not, years ago, I flew to this same office. The difference was I was the client. Back then, I had a great corporate job. My world was regulated to a cubicle yet I had boundless dreams of being “Ms. CEO.” Yet a “cubicle cutie” is never complete solo. A computer can’t keep me warm at night, so the brandtastic life means balance. The journey has brought interesting men and stories. Oh, and if I am asked, “Why are you single?” one more time… I tweeted, the greatest job I took was the job I never applied for. I simply walked into my life’s work. My own brandtastic life! I embrace the journey, the highs, the lows and everything in between. Now, I’m getting ready for a guest appearance at J.Crew in D.C. to help coach people on defining their signature style. As the expert, my style game must be on point so fashion is a new passion for me. I just received an email from The BOSS who is featuring me today as a “BOSS who inspires us”…wow, a girl from Fayetteville, NC has come a long way. God is good! Yes, I’m a far cry from the cubicle I once occupied. It has cost me everything, but the ride is worth it. Sis, don’t stop dreaming, start doing…now it’s your time. Melissa Dawn Johnson is the leading authority on Global Branding and Personal Transformation. She is the author of the book, “Brand Me. Make Your Mark: Turn Passion into Profit” (Ambassador Press). As a two-time entrepreneur and founder of Velvet Suite Marketing ( and Brand Me International ( her companies advise Fortune 500 companies and has built the brands of celebrities, pro-athletes, politicians, executives, entrepreneurs and exceptional everyday people. She is an industry-thought leader who sits on the board of advisors for the World Brand Congress in Mumbai, India. She is a contributor to Essence Magazine and