In recent “what the…?” news, a Milwaukee teacher was fined $175 for cutting off one of her student’s beaded braids. According to, the Congress Elementary School teacher was frustrated because Lamya Cammon, 7, kept playing with her hair. Cammon said that the teacher called her to the front of the room, and then used a pair of classroom scissors to chop off one of her braids. “She threw it away,” said the adorable first grader. “And she said , ‘Now what you gonna go home and say to your momma?'” Justifiably outraged, Cammon’s mother confronted the teacher, who’s response was, “Well, I apologize. I was frustrated.” The scissor-happy teacher was slapped with a disorderly conduct fine, but she’s still teaching her first grade class. Meanwhile, the principal has moved Cammon to a different classroom.