Couple Seeks Corporate Sponsors For Wedding, Willing to Wear Logos Down the Aisle

Bride-to-be Courtney McKenzie and her fiancé Jamil are the ultimate budget savvy couple. In order to be able to afford the destination wedding of their dreams in Thailand this winter, they came up with a plan that has everyone talking – why not have corporate sponsors for the wedding? It seemed feasible enough, so they went for it, and set out to plan what they say is the first-ever corporate sponsored wedding.

The bride, who works in social media and marketing, and her groom love to travel, so they plan to tie the knot alone in Thailand on December 14th and then spend 11 days traveling in South East Asia enjoying exotic excursions like scuba diving, elephant trekking and bamboo river rafting. The couple is willing to offer corporate sponsorship wherever and however they can – including a logo on the bride’s gown, their honeymoon t-shirts each day and on the elephant they ride off on – just as long as they raise the $30,000 they need to pull it all off.

Their website reads: “We have created several sponsorship categories that incorporate your amazing company in our one-of-a-kind social wedding. We will be hashtagging, tweeting and instagramming our way through Thailand to our over 30,000 combined social media followers and we want to include some of our favorite brands on our adventure.”

So far they’ve been promised free rings for the ceremony and their wedding day fashions are also covered.

“We have a few Fortune 500 companies who have reached out to us which is exactly what we wanted, as well as smaller companies like GlamHotlist, who are sponsoring my entire wedding and honeymoon wardrobe,” McKenzie told Buzzfeed. “A lot of companies have been contacting us and we’re just excited to go through them all.”

The couple has also vowed to share a portion of the money they recieve with their favorite charities.

Would you sell ad space at your wedding day to get all of the services and details for free? Or is it commercializing a moment that’s about much more?

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