Could Glue or Toothpaste Be Your Answer To Blackhead-free Skin?

When it comes to beauty videos on Youtube, you never know what you’ll come across from sperm facials to vloggers using Monistat for hair aid with growth, so when we came across a video of popular vlogger Huda Kattan using craft glue to remove blackheads, we weren’t shocked, but we were intrigued. As serious skincare enthusiasts, we’re big on trying any and all things that promises ever lasting youth or blemish-free skin, but we draw the line at beauty tricks that have the potential to yield poor results for skin or create health concerns. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good beauty hack just as much as the next girl, but we have our reservations and our limits.

With a cult following of more than 12 million beauty enthusiasts, Dubai-based beauyt vlogger, Huda Kattan is a pretty big deal. Though she made it a point to state that the glue she used was “non toxic,” and was ecstatic about the results, we’re not convinced that glue extraction is the way to clear skin for all women– particularly those with sensitive skin. You also run the risk of getting glue in your eyes or just irritating your skin in general. We suggest that you stick with good ole’ pore strips or another one of Kattan’s DIY black head removal methods below— we think this one’s a safer bet. You be the judge!

But, if you just can’t resist the urge for to participate in a beauty social experiment like putting glue on your nose, give it a try, it’s a pretty popular phenomenon in the vloggersphere.

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