Corinne Bailey Rae Unveils New Music Video, Shares Tracklist
Earl Gibson III/Getty Images for ESSENCE

It’s been nearly six years since Corinne Bailey Rae released an album. We’ve been waiting with bated breath for the singer to return, and now she’s back with a new music video and tracklist for her upcoming album.

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In the video for “Been To The Moon,” the first single from her new record, Corinne crash lands on a planet and sings about a lover who only wants her after she’s done so much for him.

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The Heart Speaks In Whispers features 12 tracks. And if this first single is any indication, we’ll be listening to the album all summer long. You can check out the tracklist below. The album is set to drop March 13.

The Heart Speaks In Whispers:
The Skies Will Break
Hey, I Won’t Break Your Heart
Been To The Moon
Tell Me
Stop Where You Are
Green Aphrodisiac
Horse Print Dress
Do You Ever Think Of Me?
Taken By Dreams
Walk On