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Conrad Murray to Speak at Sentencing

Conrad Murray plans to share a statement to court during his sentencing.
After allegedly admitting he wants to take his own life, Dr. Conrad Murray now says he wants to speak at his hearing on November 29th.

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The news comes exactly a week before he’s set to learn his fate. According to Radar Online, Murray faces up to four years in prison but will likely ask the judge for probation. He’s currently sitting in jail awaiting next Tuesday.

Expect that his sentencing be just as dramatic as the six week trial. The Jackson family plans to make several “victim impact” statements to Judge Michael Pastor. Jackson’s kids may be writing letters to the judge to be read out loud as well.

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If the Jackson family gets a moment to speak, Murray can kiss his chances of receiving probation or only house arrest goodbye.

Murray conducted an interview with the “Today” show before his conviction and said, “I don’t feel guilty, because I did not do anything wrong, I am very, very sorry for the loss of Michael… Michael is a personal friend. It’s heartfelt. It’s been painful.”