The jury for Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial has finally been selected.

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The 12 people, consisting of seven men and five women, were selected out of 84 prospective jurors in the manslaughter trial. The selection process began more than two weeks ago.

With the jury now selected, attorneys for Dr. Murray have already presented their first piece of evidence in support of Murray: an audio-visual  clip of Michael Jackson admitting he was only capable of doing 10 shows, and that he refused to perform 50 shows during his “This is It” tour.
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The attorneys claim that the video proves Jackson was not physically capable of performing 50 shows and suffered from serious sleep deprivation, and that Dr. Conrad only gave MJ propofol to aid with his insomnia.

Murray is still pleading not guilty to manslaughter chargers. For more on the jury selected, click here.

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