Experiencing the end of a romantic relationship can be one of life’s greatest teachers. For rapper Common, he says that his past loves Erykah Badu and Serena Williams taught him a lot about about life, love, and himself.

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“I learned a lot about Rashid Lynn when I was with Erykah,” Common told BlackEnterprise.com, referencing his birth name. “I’d choose to take a [backseat], and getting to see that in myself while she and I were together was enlightening. I learned to speak my mind and be the man I’m supposed to be.”

Common also revealed that both of his high-profile relationships taught him to stay true to himself no matter what.

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“I’ve learned to just be myself—more of a man—in any relationship, whether I was dating Serena or whomever,” said Common. “Finally, I feel I’m able to be me and really know what I want and make steps toward those things that are special to me.”

After the valuable lessons he’s learned in love, Common might just be ready for the ultimate next step — marriage.

“I want children, I want to have a home, I should be starting a family,” said Common.

What lessons have you learned from your past relationships?


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