Last week, news broke that Montana Fishburne, daughter of the Oscar-nominated Laurence Fishburne, was making her acting debut in an adult film. Now, the young FIshburne is working the media circuit to explain herself. Initial reports quoted Montana as crediting Kim Kardashian’s rise to fame in the wake of her sex tape with Ray-J as the inspiration behind her decision to do porn. But in an interview with a stunned reporter on E! News, the 18-year-old clarified her position, claiming to be making porn because she wanted to explore her sexuality. “At 16 I lost my virginity and the whole sexual world just sparked my interest,” she said. “Because I know it’s such a big world, I was just like, wow, well since I like sex … I wanted to see everything that I would like, every kind of fantasy I would like, and porn is a way that I could explore that.” The explicit video, titled, “Montana Fishburne: An A-List Daughter Makes her XXX Debut,” will be released by Vivid Entertainment, the same company behind the widely-popular sex tapes by Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. In a separate interview with Jane Valez-Mitchell on CNN, Montana says of her famous father, “I understand this reflects on my dad, but at the same time it’s my name also. Because he’s had such a long, successful career and he is so respected, my actions should have nothing to do with him. This has nothing to do with him, this is my own goal and aspiration.” She goes on to say that while she feels bad about hurting her father, “I’m not going to let [that] stop me from living my dream.” Montana admits she has yet to speak to her father about her decision. Meanwhile, according to reports on TMZ, Laurence Fishburne’s friends hired famed lawyer Yale Galanter to broker a million-dollar deal with Vivid Entertainment to stop the release of the film. They were unsuccessful; the DVD had already been shipped to retailers. If things weren’t already chaotic enough in this young girl’s life, today TMZ reports that Montana, who goes by the porn name Chippy-D, will be facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon stemming from an altercation in February in which she allegedly beat her boyfriend’s ex. This follows an arrest in November for alleged prostitution. Those charges were dropped. The porn scandal shows no signs of dying down. TMZ reports the first shipment of the explicit DVD is already sold out, and the company is in talks with the teenager to ink a “multi-picture deal.”   Do you think Montana is being exploited, or is an 18-year-old mature enough to make the decision to be a porn star?