An American mother is on pins and needles as she reads about the devastating news in Haiti. She wrote an emotional commentary on Momlogic about fretting for her 4-year-old son who lives in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. She explains how her world was literally flip upside down yesterday, after learning about the massive earthquake that hit Haiti.

“I have adopted two children from Haiti, and am currently hosting a baby (“Bear”) from there. He has been with us over a year while he gets surgeries for spina bifida. My daughter, Angeline, also from Haiti, also has spina bifida. My son Isaac, due to years and years of glitches in paperwork, is still in Haiti. My heart breaks knowing he’s there, and I can’t get to him, especially in this devastation. I have heard from his orphanage that he is okay, thank God, but my heart breaks for him. I just want to go get him NOW.”

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