Glenn Beck you should be ashamed of yourself. Last week, you slammed folks for criticizing Sarah Palin and indicated that picking on families of politicians is not fair game. This week, you unashamedly belittled Malia Obama’s intelligence, relationship with her upstanding and not just Presidential but present father, and her self-esteem related to being black, all under the guise of attacking President Obama on his response to the BP oil crisis. How dare you? Actually, your juvenile rant can be explained by your own journey through life. You dropped out of college after one class, admittedly have a history of ADHD, alcoholism, and were a “pot-head” Although you have four children, you have struggled with interpersonal relationships as you have had multiple marriages. You have openly discussed your own mother’s suicide and the impact that it had on your own upbringing. Usually people who have hit and survived painful episodes in their own life, eventually find their own “aha” moment. By working on themselves, they are able to deal with their own misery and not project it onto pre-teenagers who just happen to have a very famous daddy. Your insincere  words of apology indicated that you should have known better because you are a “dad”. Yeah right, until next time. Your whole shtick is based upon not exaggeration and hyperbole, while not letting the truth get in the way of a good story.  You, Mr. Beck are a hypocrite. Let me define the word for you in case you missed while in school. The word hypocrite  means:  ” a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, and/or   principles that he or she doesn’t actually possess” Oh yeah, and if pictures increase your reading comprehension, to understand what a hypocrite is…simply look into the mirror. For more Real Talk stories from Dr. Janet, click here