Momlogic blogger Kimberly Seals Allers reflects on Black History Month, but with a twist. She celebrates Black women and motherhood. The writer pens, “As a mother, I believe that our Black history is a tale of painful beginnings followed by triumphant gains. Of course, I’ll never forget the moment Michelle Obama became First Lady of the United States. She epitomizes everything modern Black motherhood is about: career success, loving partnership and commitment to being the mom-in-chief of your own family command center.” She continues, “But getting to Michelle Obama has been a long and sometimes troubling journey. The black motherhood experience in this country had painful beginnings with lingering effects that still hover overhead today. First, let’s go back. As enslaved black mothers, we were viewed as breeders, not humans and we had no control over our experience in motherhood or our children. As slaves, our children were ripped from our bosoms and sold as we stood helpless in despair.” Read more on Momlogic Read More: