Nayzia Thomas did not allow going into labor stop her from finishing up her semester.

The college sophomore recently went viral after tweeting a photo of herself finishing up a final while preparing to give birth in the hospital.

Instead of delaying her psychology exam at Johnson County Community College in Kansas City, Mo., Thomas decided to finish the assignment. Her son, however, had different plans — he wanted to come out ahead of schedule.

“It wasn’t due until the end of the week — finals week is Dec. 11 to tomorrow — but my goal was to try to have everything done before,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle. “[I thought] ‘before all this gets crazy let me hurry up and finish this final.’”

Her mother took the photo of her working on her laptop while still in the hospital bed. Thomas shared it, saying that it was “the perfect explanation of my life.”

Though there were complications following the birth, Thomas, and her son Alexander are all healthy.

And she did it all while finishing with a 3.5 GPA! She also plans to take the month off during the winter break then jump right back into school for the spring semester.



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