Coffee Talk Video: Keyshia Cole Discusses Her New Album, Marriage and Looking Up to Mary J. Blige
Jay Sansone

R&B songstress Keyshia Cole is a busy women these days. She’s juggling motherhood and marriage, filming a new reality show and preparing for the release of her fifth studio album, Woman to Woman

On her latest project, Cole says, she decided to try something new. “This is the first time I’ve written with a bunch of different writers. I’ve never been able to because I’ve always felt like I could channel my own emotion and my own feelings,” she says. 

Cole said her need to work with writers was to ensure she is in tune with her fans.  “A lot of my fans wanted heartbreaks songs,” she says — and now that she’s happily married to Daniel Gibson, she needed a little help to deliver that kind of material. 

Even with her busy schedule, Cole still takes time out for little things, like direct messaging her fans on Twitter. “For them to be able to see that, I just think it uplifts,” she said. “If I could have got that when I was a little girl — get a DM from Mary that said, ‘Yo, no matter what, keep your head up,’ or ‘Don’t take that from that dude,’ or ‘Stop tweeting about him’ — that would have gave me strength and motivation.” 

Check out the full interview above to see Keyshia talk about her career’s journey and married life. 

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