• EXCLUSIVE: At 12:00 p.m. today, we will premiere the music video for Trey Sognz’  “Yo Side of the Bed” featuring Keri Hilson. Can’t wait? Check out the preview here.
  • Rihanna’s former trainer is still after the pop star for $26,144 in allegedly unpaid fees and travel expenses. RiRi’s not taking the suit lying down — she’s countersuing Percival for $26,244.63, claiming she paid the trainer for her services upfront and was never repaid a balance when she fired her. [TMZ]
  • You might want to try a new pain killer or allergy medication for a while. The FDA is investigating claims of serious side effects of Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl and other drugs. [CNNMoney]
  • Mattel recently released a line of Barbie dolls called “Back to Basics” that are drawing some criticism. Let’s just say these dolls are well endowed. [AOLBV]
  • Jamaica’s Prime Minister Bruce Golding promised to bring restore order in Kingston and says he regrets “the loss of lives of members of the security forces and those of innocent law-abiding citizens who were caught in the cross-fire.” [BBC]
  • First Liza Minnelli covered “Single Ladies,” now Reba McIntire performed a country version of Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy.” [People]
  • Ellen DeGeneres is starting her own record label and she’s signed YouTube phenom Greyson Chance, who gained popularity by singing his version of Lady GaGa’s “Paparazzi.” [E!]
  • Check out KeKe Palmer singing Alicia Keys’ “Unthinkable” in the privacy of her bedroom. Love?