Here’s a little caramel we’re mixing into our coffee this morning:
  • After two long, drawn-out years, Tina and Matthew Knowles are officially divorced. According to TMZ, Tina Knowles states in papers that the marriage is “insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities … which prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation.” Yikes, sounds like they made the right decision! [TMZ]
  • The forever handsome and ever-so-talented Idris Elba is expected to play former South African President Nelson Mandela in an upcoming biopic about Mandela’s life. [Eurweb]
  • Ludacris is quite the businessman. The down-South rapper has successfully started an educational website with his 10-year-old daughter, Karma, called “Karma’s World.” The site will feature music and games that emphasize important values in life. If that’s not enough, his Singaporean restaurant, Straits Atlanta, established in 2007, is blazing trails down in the South. In an interview with Black Enterprise, the rapper states, “People think if I open a restaurant that it’s automatically going to be soul food. I love to throw curveballs to people all the time; I love to be different, I strive for excellence.” [EurWeb]
  • Beyonce’s pregnancy has started a new fad in the Knowles-Carter household: veganism! According to US Weekly, the singer has been partially vegan for the majority of her pregnancy, which has spurred hubby Jay-Z to give it a go. We love how he is supporting her in every way! [Clutch]

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